​Recorded end of August 2017

Available on iTunes.

Braeden Robert

Another Metal Instrumental.  Written and recorded during late Winter 2018.

Available on iTunes

An original acoustic piece recorded live in June 2017

A live video of my rendition of the National 

Anthem.  July 2017

Playing bass in Valencia Spain, July 2017.

My acoustic cover version of Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys

A light jazz piece recorded the Summer of 2016

Available on iTunes.

That's Who I'd Be from the Musical Shrek

April 21, 2018

A live audio recording of an improv session with the Oak Theater house band.  June 2017

My version of a classic Joe Satriani solo

when I was 15.

Another original piece written and recorded

during late Summer of 2017.  

Available on iTunes

A hard metal piece I wrote late Summer of 2017.  
This is also my first video to accompany my work.

Available on iTunes